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The Keeping Love Alive Program

The Keeping Love Alive© program is for people who:


  1. Want to feel closer to their spouse

  2. Keep arguing about the same old subjects

  3. Want tools for breaking free from relationship ruts

  4. Feel hopeless and are considering separation or divorce

The program consists of 5 sessions of 1½ hours 6 CDs, and a workbook (2 for couples).


Each week you will listen to the 2 lessons on one of the CDs, and complete workbook pages for each lesson. Then we will review and discuss in the session. (CD 6 is on your own.)


     CD 1A: Smarter Solutions

     CD 1B: Love Illusions

     CD 2A: Ending the blame game

     CD 2B: Setting Solution-oriented Goals

     CD 3A. If it works, don’t fix it

     CD 3B. More of the same doesn’t work

     CD 4A: Creative Approaches

     CD 4B: Keep searching for solutions

     CD 5A: Keep your love changes going

     CD 5B: Five golden rules

     CD 6A: Divorce is not the answer

     CD 6B: The last resort technique


This program is run with 4 to 5 couples.

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.

Everything from the sessions is confidential.

Discussion and sharing are insightful and helpful.


Keeping Love Alive© program developed by Michele Weiner-Davis Training Corporation.

Rhoda Ondov Keeping Love Alive Program
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